Daily drawings and visual meanderings from wannabe illustrator, Adam McHeffey.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FIFTY (nice!)

Talk about accidental art. I love how this next image came into being. While in Cozumel, I shot a few rolls of film, one of them included an awesome image of Russ Barrnett sleeping on the dock. When I got back to Purchase, I was so unorganized that I reshot using the same roll of Kodak Gold 35mm film. The results were 23 unusable and indiscernible images, and this one gem: The image of the dandelions was exposed yesterday, a solid two weeks after I took the image of Russ. What you see is organic film, not a touch of Photoshop, just a stroke of luck and a solid hour of manual color correction. It's the textbook definition of bricolage, and something I'm really happy with.

I uploaded it full-sized, so all you Barrnett fans can use it as your desktop background.


  1. this is really awesome in a lot of ways! it kinda looks like the dandelions are coming out of the picture.

  2. love this, it is so neat.
    i wish i had this luck.

  3. Looks like Russ has an album cover.