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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Golden Triangle Celebrates Sendak

I received a great phone call the other day from an old school friend about doing the cover of the next edition of The Golden Triangle Writer's Circle-- an online literary magazine that features amazing work from writers and poets.

In celebration of Maurice Sendak's intensely prolific career and in commemoration of his recent passing, they requested a piece that had something to do with the man's work. I was ecstatic, nervous, and optimistic. I'm a huge fan of Sendak-- his stories, his lines, his textures-- so this was a project that I decided to take very seriously.

Here are a couple of sketches I submitted for their discussion. They've already made their choice with which will go to paint, but I won't tell you quite yet. Which one yells "Sendak" to you?


  1. The dancing girl reminds me of Kari. Comment out!

  2. I'm going with the first one. But they're both so "McHeffey"...

  3. Hey, I love Sendak, really nice illustration! I saw the finished version on Lockerz :) I didn't know you draw beside your lovely music! Nice. I'm illustrating myself. Have a look, hope you like it: http://www.behance.net/simonerohler