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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Damien Jones

Damien Jones is an in-the-works animated comedy written by fellow SUNY Purchase alumnus, Kris Wellman. I had a blast doing these concept drawings for him. Putting the antichrist in a high school setting is such an imaginative starting point for an illustrator. Here's what I came up with.

Our Protagonist, Damien Jones
Sometime after Rosemary’s Baby and before the end of mankind, the Antichrist grew up. He went to high school, asked a girl to the dance, sucked at gym class, and learned valuable life lessons all along the way. His name was Damien Jones.

Riffing on the traditions and tropes of “Saved by the Bell”, “Boy Meets World” and The Omen, “Damien Jones” is the coming-of-age tale of the chosen end time ruler and his adventures at a suburban, public high school. Raised by loving, normal, Satanist parents, Damien is an astoundingly well-adjusted young man who up until now has been oblivious to the grim purpose of his existence. Now he must balance keeping his identity a secret, getting good grades, figuring out how to use his sinister powers, and most importantly, trying to fit in.

His friend, Eric.

His father and mother.

His guidance counselor, Ms. Slotsky.

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  1. This is a hilarious concept! So is the series going to be hand-drawn animation? Stop Motion? Or computer animated? The drawings look really great!