Daily drawings and visual meanderings from wannabe illustrator, Adam McHeffey.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pencil vs. Photoshop

Image one is in colored pencil. Image two is in digital color. Who wins?


  1. I like the grainy-ness of the colored pencil, but the crisper look of the photoshop also looks really nice. Tough call, but I think the picture looks better in the colored pencil aesthetic. My brother agrees. And super awesome drawing!!

  2. The colored penciled image looks 100% better. But which style do Cartoonists use? I prefer using colored pencils, but then again im not a professional cartoonist (yet). I was just curious to know the preference of styles that cartoonists use. Thank you. And the final copy of that image came out really nice, regardless of one color technique over the other.